Adronis Teachings

Adronis Teachings

4 Episodes

Teachings from Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson. Adronis shares insight on a multitude of topic that assist in refining a channeler's connection and delivery of information from their channeled contact.

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Adronis Teachings
  • Introduction to Adronis Teachings

    Episode 1

    Brad Johnson introduces the Adronis Teachings Module.

  • The Function of a Channeling Guide

    Episode 2

    Adronis shares perspective on what a spirit guide/channeled contact's function entails. You will gain an understanding on how a guide works with insight rather than the idea of answers.

  • Optimal Channeling Recommendations

    Episode 3

    Adronis shares perspective on how one can optimally channel their guide more effectively.From the breath, posture, and most importantly; neutrality.

  • The Past, The Future, The Now

    Episode 4

    Adronis shares insight on how we interpret causal reality through past, present and future. Through this, realizing linear-based reality, our greatest strength comes from here and now--especially as a channel.