Advanced Teachings

Advanced Teachings

7 Episodes

Advanced Teachings in channeling and intuitive & psychic development. Series' videos will be available on January 5th.

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Advanced Teachings
  • 1 - Walking the Talk

    Episode 1

    In this video, the seriousness of becoming a channeler will be discussed. It's important that one is able to apply through themselves the messages and guidance received from their channeled source.

  • 2 - Feeling Out Your Connection

    Episode 2

    In this video, you will learn more about refining your connection to your cosmic source. From improving posture to working with your cosmic source liaison through color visualization and resonant tuning.

  • 3 -The Effects of Trance Channeling

    Episode 3

    In this video, Brad speaks on what the effects of deep trance channeling entail. From entering an unconscious state to governing one's own life force energy while in deep trance.

  • 4 - Channeled Healing Preparation

    Episode 4

    In this video, you'll be introduced to the channeled healing concept. This is a unique style of healing as it's developed through the authenticity of the channeler: From scanning, documenting and body healing.

  • 5 - Body Scanning

    Episode 5

    In this video, the body scanning component of Channeled Healing is demonstrated. This technique is used to detect chaotic energy within the subtle energy body.

  • 6 - Color Healing

    Episode 6

    In this video, you'll discover more about the benefit of Color healing. This is an optional technique through channeled healing, but contains a wide array of healing capability through the world of color visualization.

  • 7 - Resonant Tuning

    Episode 7

    Brad Johnson speaks on a helpful technique to help align and center your energy: resonant tuning. Using this technique can help you connect deeper with your channeled contact as well as introduce increased healing benefits to you body and mind.