Part 1 - Channeling Fundamentals

Part 1 - Channeling Fundamentals

11 Episodes

In this section, you will learn the 'bare bones' as it relates to the process of channeling: from entering the channeled state, to working with the channeling notebook and understanding both channeled writing and vocal channeling.

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Part 1 - Channeling Fundamentals
  • 1 - Introduction to Channeling Fundamentals

    Episode 1

    This introduction will take you through what to expect through channeling fundamentals and prepare you for understanding the 'bare bones' in being able to channel.

  • 2 - What is Channeling?

    Episode 2

    In this module, you will get a fundamental understanding relating to what channeling entails. From being able to access the natural universal flow and connecting to your cosmic source.

  • 3 - How Channeling is Achieved

    Episode 3

    In this module, you'll learn more about the 3 key fundamentals to achieve channeling: Opening yourself up, trusting the process and interpreting the flow.

  • 5 - Vibrational Interlock

    Episode 4

    In this module, you'll learn about interlocking vibrationally with your cosmic source. Techniques that will allow your mind to be clear, yet focused as you connect with your infinite intelligence.

  • 4 - The Difference Between Feeling and Emotion

    Episode 5

    In this module, you'll learn how feelings and emotions are two entirely different sensations. You will also discover how to work with feelings and emotions when entering the channeling state: one is used, the other is not.

  • 6 - Golden Ball Golden Aura Exercise

    Episode 6

    The Golden Ball Golden Aura exercise is a recommended technique used prior to beginning channeling. This technique helps with releasing and aligning your energies into harmony so that you are purified in beginning your channeling work.

  • 7 - Creating a Sacred Space

    Episode 7

    One of the most essential practices when beginning your channeling practice: Sacred space. Creating your own sacred space shows your devotion in becoming a channeler as the environment is in alignment with your energies to connect with your cosmic source.

  • 8 - Experiencing Your Cosmic Source

    Episode 8

    In this module, you will enter the preparation process in connecting to your cosmic source. Everything you have learned up until now will prepare you for entering your first channeled state as you understand the fundamentals in channeling cosmic source.

  • 9 - The Channeling Notebook

    Episode 9

    This is one of the most vital tools for any channeler beginning their practice: The notebook. Working with your notebook is a beneficial daily routine that will outline your progress as you channel your cosmic source.

  • 10 - Channeled Writing

    Episode 10

    In this module, you'll see a demonstration of how channeled writing is accomplished.To perform channeled writing, please ensure you have your channeling notebook handy as Brad Johnson guides you through the channeled writing process.

  • 11 - Vocal Channeling

    Episode 11

    In this module, Brad Johnson demonstrates vocal channeling. Through this vocal channeling, Brad Johnson connects to the entity he personally channels known as Adronis. Adronis shares valuable insight on how the vocal channeling state is accomplished.

  • Channeled Writing Sample.pdf

    465 KB

    A sample of Channeled Writing by Brad Johnson connecting with his cosmic source.

  • Channeling Notebook Sample.pdf

    401 KB

    A sample of an entry for the ChannelingNotebook.

  • Golden Ball Golden Aura Guide.pdf

    602 KB

    PDF guide for the Golden Ball Golden Aura exercise.