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Watch this video and more on Channeling Development Course

Watch this video and more on Channeling Development Course

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Part 1 - Channeling Fundamentals

6 - Golden Ball Golden Aura Exercise


Up Next in Modules

  • 7 - Creating a Sacred Space

    One of the most essential practices when beginning your channeling practice: Sacred space. Creating your own sacred space shows your devotion in becoming a channeler as the environment is in alignment with your energies to connect with your cosmic source.

  • 8 - Experiencing Your Cosmic Source

    In this module, you will enter the preparation process in connecting to your cosmic source. Everything you have learned up until now will prepare you for entering your first channeled state as you understand the fundamentals in channeling cosmic source.

  • 9 - The Channeling Notebook

    This is one of the most vital tools for any channeler beginning their practice: The notebook. Working with your notebook is a beneficial daily routine that will outline your progress as you channel your cosmic source.