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Watch this video and more on Channeling Development Course

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Part 2 - Intuitive and Psychic Development

3 - Opening the Heart and Mind


Up Next in Intuitive and Psychic Development

  • 4 - Flowing with Intuitive Sensation

    In this module, you'll discover how to adapt yourself to the intuitive flow. Working with softness, subtlety and surrendering serenity as you lighten your emotions and enter a tranquil state of being.

  • 5 - Ego vs Higher Mind

    In this module, the ego and higher mind will be deeply examined revealing their differences. You'll understand how the ego behaves and how it is incapable of guiding you on your inner journey, and how the higher mind welcomes and shows you truth through your allowing.

  • 6 - Dream Messages

    In this module, you'll explore the world of dream messages. As the nature of dream messaging is fast, you'll learn the basic components in learning how to document your dreams and analyze their meanings. Through this, you'll discover the themes of dreams revealing where you are in the dream lands...